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2016 Northeastern University
Boston Public High School Scholarship
Northeastern Boston Valedictorian Scholarship
Nomination Form

Nominations for the Boston Public High School (BPHS) Scholarships and the Northeastern Boston Valedictorian Scholarship will only be accepted from guidance counselors or headmasters.

Each school may nominate up to 2 candidates for the BPHS Scholarship; additional candidates may be identified by the Admissions Committee through Northeastern's general application evaluation process. It is important that nominated students meet the following criteria:
- Attend a Boston Public High School.
- In the top 10% of their high school class and have taken an academically challenging curriculum through their high school career.
- Have demonstrated creativity, diversity, engagement, global perspective, leadership, resiliency or other qualities indicative of the ability to contribute to Northeastern's diverse and vibrant community.
- Be a U.S. citizen or documented permanent resident.

Schools should also nominate their likely Valedictorian for the Northeastern Boston Valedictorian Scholarship; we will confirm Valedictorian status in mid-February.

Please note that if a written recommendation was not included in the student's application, nominators may submit a statement about the student's attributes which make them eligible for the scholarship.

In order to progress as Scholarship Finalists, nominees must complete the FAFSA by the priority filing deadline of February 15 and be admitted into Northeastern University's full-time day program. Scholars must enroll in the fall semester following high school graduation.

The deadline for nominations is February 1, 2016.

Headmasters and guidance counselors are sent a school-specific password that can be used on this site. If you need any assistance nominating your students, or have questions these scholarship opportunities or the admissions process, please contact Ellery Kirkconnell, Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions at or 617.373.8327.