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Torch Scholars Program Interviewee Questions

Congratulations on being selected as a Torch Scholarship Program Finalist!

The purpose of your on-campus interview is for the Torch Scholarship Committee to get to know you. We are interested in learning about your background, your interest in Northeastern, and why you believe you are a good match for the Torch Scholars Program. In order to help our committee prepare for your interview, please submit your written answers to three questions by entering your NU ID number below.

Please keep your responses to no more than 350 words. You can submit your responses now or begin your responses and save your work to complete later. The Torch Scholars Program Committee is most interested in learning about your motivation, your experiences as part of a group, and your personal values.

Submit your three writing responses no later than Friday, February 26. The Torch Scholarship Committee and interviewers will begin reviewing writing responses on Friday, February 26.
Enter your NU ID below.